Poland’s economy is stable and is one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. Business development and attraction of foreign investment, which the Polish government actively encourages, have provided favourable conditions for doing business here.

Poland’s investment attractiveness is also influenced by its human capital in the form of an educated and skilled workforce, the costs of which are lower than in other European and global countries.

These and many other opportunities attract foreign investors to Poland.

However, they often do not understand what they could do here and do not know where and how to invest so that it is promising and safe. Investors turn to the Niedziolka & Associates team for professional legal assistance in many situations:

  • When they have recently completed all their projects and are looking for new opportunities;
  • When they don't want to continue their current business and are ready to start a new one in another country.

Key Benefits of Doing Business in Poland

1. EU Membership: Poland’s membership in the European Union grants access to the single market, facilitating trade and cooperation across 27 member states.

2. Strategic Location: Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Poland serves as a gateway to both Eastern and Western markets.

3. Skilled Workforce: Poland possesses a well-educated and technically proficient workforce, catering to diverse industry needs.

4. Growing Economy: Poland’s economy is among the fastest-growing in the EU, offering promising prospects for business expansion.

In such and many other situations, the most effective tool for developing your company is business market research. This involves collecting and analysing information about all market processes, on the basis of which you can build a future strategy for the development of your business. Business research helps to collect data on the structure of economic mechanisms, which is important, in particular, for determining the level of supply and demand, as well as for determining prices and related issues.

As one of the leading providers of business research services in Poland, Niedziolka & Associates provides a full range of Polish market research services. Our experts and analysts perform all types of market analysis and business research, which will be useful to many entrepreneurs who are planning to expand their business to a new market.

    Establish a thriving business in Poland with expert guidance from Company Poland. Doing business in Poland can be a rewarding experience, but it is important to have the right support in place. We offer a comprehensive range of services to help you navigate the Polish business landscape, including company formation, legal counsel, and immigration support.

      Why is Market Research in Poland Beneficial for your Business?

      Poland has recently seen a rapid increase in foreign investment as they seek to leverage strong positions and expand their businesses into new consumer markets, leading to profound changes in the Polish economy.

      Traditional and innovative market research methods provide reliable and compelling data to help you design future business processes. At Niedziolka & Associates, we offer best-in-class market research, recruiting and research services.

      By taking advantage of our comprehensive business research, analysis and forecasting services in Poland, you will receive the following benefits for your business:

      • EChoose the best niche for your business;
      • EFormulate a short-term and long-term development strategy for your company;
      • EStudy the prospects and benefits of planned investments in Poland;
      • ECalculate the optimal amount of the required budget for your business;
      • EAnalyse supply and demand on the Polish market;
      • EAssess opportunities and risks on the Polish market;
      • ETake a deep dive into the competitive landscape.

      The expert team of Niedziolka & Associates deeply understands your international needs and works equally effectively with small and large businesses in various industries, so the business research conducted by our company will help you access the Polish markets in the most effective and safe way. This will ensure you get the best solutions and help your business achieve its goals.

      At Niedziolka & Associates, we provide comprehensive solutions to consumer, B2B and other industries. Our team of experts and analysts will help you stay competitive by providing a complete understanding of the business environment through market entry and opportunity research, customer research, product research, competitor analysis and market intelligence services.

      What is included in Business Market Research?

      Niedziolka & Associates’ research model is based on our deep integrated approach and consideration of the individual needs of our client, his business objectives, industry, region and project. This will maximize all opportunities to improve your business results.

      Our comprehensive business research offer includes:

      • ECustomer analysis, which allows you to study consumer satisfaction, purchasing preferences and determine the target audience for your company;
      • EAnalysis of the brand, which influences its unique selling proposition, recognition, differentiators, advertising message and placement on Polish markets;
      • EProduct analysis to determine consumer demand, evaluate packaging and analyse price tolerance;
      • ESegmentation analysis to study consumer profiles;
      • ECompetitive analysis to assess market coverage and understand supply and demand.

      Moreover, as part of the business research, our team of experts and analysts can prepare industry reports that will analyse the opportunities that exist in Poland, based on an analysis of the individual needs of your business. The report is generated based on the rationale for each investment option, which takes into account:

      • ELegal Aspects;
      • ETaxation;
      • EMarket Analysis;
      • EOperations Planning;
      • EHuman Resource Department;
      • EOther issues specific to each industry.

      If you want to take advantage of the opportunities that doing business in Poland provides, you need to evaluate numerous investment options. Our experts and analysts at Niedziolka & Associates will be happy to help you with this, and thanks to our knowledge and experience, you will be able to take into account all the nuances in your business development strategy.

      Since Niedziolka & Associates provides a lot of useful information about the Polish and European market, and also has more than 10 years of practical experience, such research will be a very useful and interesting support for your knowledge base about development opportunities for your business. We offer you business advice and research on the Polish market, as well as all other comprehensive services of only the highest quality.

      Malgorzata Maria Niedziolka

      CEO and founder of Niedziolka & Associates

      Expert in the field of cooperate, commercial and immigration law, private equity and venture capital investments, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate in Poland.

      Many years of experience in reputable law and consulting firms in Poland and abroad, as well as work in the public administration system in Poland, allow her to confidently and effectively navigate the over-regulated local legal system, providing high-quality legal services to a wide range of people, including foreign investors and international corporations.



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