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EORI number (from Engl. Economic Operator Registration and Identification) is a unique code used to register and identify economic operators throughout the European Union.

This number is registered once for each person or entity in the EU that imports, exports or transits goods under the e-Customs Program. Each EU member state has developed its own EORI system, which is a part of the unified European system.

Since July 1, 2009, each importer and exporter trades with non-EU countries only with an EORI number available. An important condition for foreign companies is compliance with mandatory documents and current EU and Polish regulations, especially for trade dealing with the movement of goods beyond the EU borders.

If you want to import and export in Poland in 2023, our experts and specialists of Niedziolka & Associates team will provide you with more detailed information or relevant data on a specific business area.

Why Do You Need to Register Eori in Poland?

The EORI system was created to speed up the customs formalities by legal entities and individuals engaged in entrepreneurial activity and involved in customs activities in the EU.

All companies that import goods from/to the EU must undergo identification and use an individual unique number. The EORI system contains up-to-date information on the entities involved in customs activities throughout the European Union, and even allows to receive access to certain data on other entities (with the prior consent of the parties).

We support small, medium and large businesses in their EORI registration procedure in Poland, which is necessary for trading on foreign markets or importing products from outside the European Union.

Is It Mandatory to Obtain an Eori Number in Poland?

Every entrepreneur who plans to import, export or transport goods outside the European Union must have a unique EORI. This condition is explained by the legal provisions governing the import of goods into the EU or their export outside its borders.

Without this, the goods will be detained by European customs authorities, while the cargo customs clearance is possible only if there is an EORI number. Moreover, every day of delay is subject to a fine.

Having an EORI is optional for individuals importing goods from non-EU countries. They only need to indicate “individual” in the appropriate field of the customs declaration.

We will help you smoothly submit your application for an EORI number and provide efficient service throughout the process. Please note that it is important to register in the EORI system and receive a personal code no later than the first customs operation. To quickly register, contact experts and specialists of Niedziolka & Associates.

How to Get an Eori Number?

Since August 2015, you can only obtain an EORI number in electronic form using the Electronic Services Portal of the PUESC Customs and Fiscal Service by registering in the Unified System for Registration of Entrepreneurs in the Field of Trade in Goods (SZPROT). Thus, to register and identify business entities, you no longer need to submit paper applications to the customs authorities.

Experts from Niedziółka & Associates will provide you with comprehensive support in the procedure of registration and identification in the EORI system. This will streamline and legalise your commercial transactions with entities from non-EU countries.

What Are the Specific Features of Eori Registration in Poland in 2023?

In 2023, the procedure for registration, identification and obtaining an EORI number remains mandatory for entrepreneurs intending to trade in the EU.

In case of a proper and correct application submission, the registration procedure may take about two days. However, if not all necessary documents are provided or the data provided is incorrect, the procedure will be delayed.

The system assumes the possibility of acting through proxies.

For companies with persons acting on their behalf, it is important to provide a power of attorney stating that they are authorised to register the EORI number for the company in question. For entrepreneurs who apply for EORI registration, it is important to provide a document stating that the tax number has been assigned in Poland or in the country where they are registered. This gives you the comfort of comprehensive and effective support, making the registration process a formality.

We can provide detailed information on the use of powers of attorney when applying for EORI and assist throughout the registration procedure. If you have already started the EORI registration procedure in Poland, the lawyers and experts of Niedziolka & Associates team can provide you with the comprehensive information on your application status.

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