Professional entrepreneurial activity in Poland is inextricably linked with many legal aspects, including at the stage of creating a company and day-to-day activities for running a business, which requires expert legal advisory.

Need legal advice on standard or complex transactions? Our Niedziolka & Associates team offers integrated legal, tax, and accounting expertise, tailored to your specific business needs.

Niedziółka & Associates Attorneys and Conselors at Law:

The Niedziółka & Associates Attorneys and Conselors at Law brand brings together dedicated experts from all major areas of law who have experience working with both local entrepreneurs and international companies developing business in Poland. Our team can help investors in all aspects of doing business in Poland: from the initial stage of setting up a company to restructuring or resolving various legal disputes. By choosing our team of experts for cooperation, you can be sure that all legal issues will be resolved efficiently and professionally.

Benefits of Using Legal Advisory Services in Poland

There are many benefits to using legal advisory services. Some of the most important benefits include:

1. Access to expertise: Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide expert legal advice. This can be especially helpful for individuals and businesses who are not familiar with the law.

2. Peace of mind: Knowing that you have a lawyer on your side can give you peace of mind. This is especially important when you are dealing with complex legal matters.

3. Reduced risk: Lawyers can help you to avoid legal problems by identifying potential risks and taking steps to mitigate them.

4. Improved outcomes: Lawyers can help you to achieve your desired outcomes in legal matters. This is because they have the skills and experience to advocate for your best interests.

    We have many years of international experience in the field of transactions, litigation and legal advice, which allows us to effectively and comprehensively assist entrepreneurs in all key areas of their activities. We specialize in commercial law advice and business consulting, so we are confident that you will receive a professional solution for each case that will satisfy all your needs.

      Navigate the Complexities of Polish Law with Expert Legal Advisory Services

      In the ever-evolving landscape of Polish law, having access to comprehensive legal advisory services is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. At Company Poland, our team of experienced lawyers provides tailored legal guidance to help you navigate the intricacies of Polish law and safeguard your interests.

      What Services do Legal Advice Include?

      Legal advice provides expert support to clients in all processes related to doing business in Poland. This includes legal representation, representation in negotiations, litigation, and addressing all legal issues that may arise in your business activities. Moreover, the Niedziolka & Associates team prioritizes the interests and needs of our clients. Consequently, we act on their behalf in the most effective manner, ensuring comprehensive and dedicated assistance throughout the entire spectrum of their business endeavors.

      Niedziolka & Associates provides a wide range of legal services to entrepreneurs and business representatives in Poland, namely:

      • ELegal advice on any issues related to commercial activities and business;
      • ELegal analysis of the company's activities, as well as legal review of legal documents and contracts;
      • EDrafting and writing any documents, e. g., civil contracts between an entrepreneur and Polish or foreign counterparties, letters, etc.;
      • ERepresentation of the company and participation in negotiations conducted by the entrepreneur with business partners, banks and other economic activity parties;
      • ELegal control of the correct execution of contracts;
      • ELegal support for actions taken by the directors of the company, e. g., representing the company at meetings of shareholders, board meetings, as well as representing partners at meetings, appointing proxies, changing the authorized capital, etc.;
      • ERepresentation of the company's interests in litigation to resolve a wide range of commercial and business disputes;
      • ERepresentation of the company's interests in communications with government bodies and other public and private institutions, including obtaining licences, permits and/or certificates of any complexity;
      • ELegal audit of documents and business activities of the company;
      • ELegal assistance in the investment, including obtaining a construction permit, development decision, necessary certificates and other documents.

      Understanding the high degree of responsibility when providing such business services, in addition, we engage experts with many years of experience and deep knowledge in various areas of law to provide legal advice to our clients. Furthermore, deciding to open and conduct a business in Poland, using professional legal assistance from highly qualified lawyers and advisors of Niedziolka & Associates is much easier, more effective, and safer.

      Why Is this Useful for Business?

      Poland is a European country open to foreign investment, as well as to new businesses that create jobs and pay taxes to the local budget.

      The government offers extensive support to investors and entrepreneurs in line with a free-market economy. However, note the formal and legal nuances, especially in taxation, rules, regulations, procedures, and requirements. Navigating these complexities requires the invaluable professional support of Niedziółka & Associates’ experts, significantly impacting your business efficiency.

      In this case, a relevant solution is professional legal consulting in Poland, aiding competent business conduct and compliance with regulations. Considering the complexity of changing Polish legislation and the risk of unqualified legal advice, seek guidance from experts in commercial law and entrepreneurship.

      The team’s wide specialization and deep expertise eliminate risks for our clients. Overseeing legal issues effectively, we possess expert knowledge in various areas of law and business realities in Poland. This enables us to provide comprehensive tax and legal support, resolving any business-related issues.

      To initiate the process, briefly describe your problem, and we’ll swiftly select a team of experts for a seamless, informed approach to your legal and business challenges.

      Malgorzata Maria Niedziolka

      CEO and founder of Niedziolka & Associates

      Expert in the field of cooperate, commercial and immigration law, private equity and venture capital investments, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate in Poland.

      Many years of experience in reputable law and consulting firms in Poland and abroad, as well as work in the public administration system in Poland, allow her to confidently and effectively navigate the over-regulated local legal system, providing high-quality legal services to a wide range of people, including foreign investors and international corporations.



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