In modern conditions of globalization of business processes, sales, production and procurement, the demand for practical and specific management solutions in the field of logistics systems management is constantly increasing. Location has a significant impact on the success of processes and the business itself, which is also evident in the case of operation in various industries in Poland. Companies feel the need to integrate with the market environment, which grows with increasing competition.

The external perspective of the foreign entrepreneur, the wide range of supply chain models and the numerous macro- and micro-environmental factors can make it difficult to choose the right location for particular processes within Poland. Logistics and supply chain management experts of Niedziolka & Associates can help you deal with your logistics and real estate business challenges.

Key Features of Poland's Supply Chain

  • Efficient and well-organized: Poland’s supply chain is highly efficient and well-organized. This is due in part to the country’s strong infrastructure, including its network of roads, railways, and ports.
  • Globally connected: Poland’s supply chain is well-connected to the global marketplace. The country has a number of free trade agreements with other countries, and its ports are well-connected to major shipping routes.
  • Innovative: Poland’s supply chain is constantly being innovated to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The country is home to a number of leading logistics companies, and there is a strong focus on research and development in the supply chain sector.

We specialize in in-depth supply chain analytics and achieve the most effective strategy given the appropriate network and infrastructure that meets the actual and potential operational needs of your business. We focus on specific business priorities and effective solutions that can deliver exceptional results for each of our clients’ unique situations.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Planning Supply Chains in Poland?

In the context of globalization, Polish and international companies are faced with the enormous and ever-increasing impact of logistics solutions on global supply chains. Entrepreneurs who decide on the location of production processes must take into account many important conditions, including:

  • Elabor resources – a sufficient amount of qualified labour and the level of costs for attracting them;
  • Ereal estate – availability of equipped premises suitable for office and production;
  • Emandatory payments – tax and customs rates;
  • Elogistics – transport networks and proximity to the target market;
  • Estate support from the government and local authorities.

In-depth and multi-faceted expertise of your supply chain will help identify its strengths and opportunities for optimization. The logistics and supply chain experts of Niedziolka & Associates can effectively analyse, optimize and monitor your supply chain, as well as take care of logistics by air, sea or land transport. A comprehensive approach and years of logistics expertise are key to identifying unuased potential in your supply chain.

What Logistics and Supply Chain Services Do We Provide?

Strategically balancing your company’s supply chain and real estate solutions create a balanced and efficient network that can support your company’s capability and growth. Our team of experienced supply chain consulting experts and practitioners have over a decade of consulting and supporting supply chain operations, allowing us to provide you with solutions that address the unique needs of your business.

Niedziolka & Associates’ logistics and supply chain consulting combines the best practices of international and local companies, as well as in-depth expertise and understanding of the Polish and European market conditions. Through industrial project management as well as retail and labour optimal location analytics.

We provide comprehensive supply chain solutions that include:
  • EDevelopment of a supply chain strategy and evaluation of possible scenarios to ensure security while making strategic moves to support your company's ability to achieve its business goals.
  • ESupply chain network design using modern concepts based on advanced tools and technologies to find the best and balanced solutions to meet your unique business needs.
  • EAudit and optimization to thoroughly analyse your needs and provide detailed recommendations based on external competencies and practical experience.
  • EImplementing outsourcing and process reengineering and transition planning for expanding 3PL operations to assess baseline logistics costs and service levels, as well as identification of current issues and the best ways to address them.
  • EDevelop facility concepts and designs to prepare solutions that meet your company's needs in terms of operations, processes, product flow, productivity and cost management, including technology solutions that suit your business.
  • EAligning sales and operations planning to assess supply chain performance and identify opportunities for improvements in warehousing, logistics, HR and order management to optimize your current manufacturing network and infrastructure.
  • EEffective capacity consolidation to find ways to maximize your current resources and determine the volumetric capacity of those components that are already reaching their limit for their subsequent expansion and modernization.

Having chosen Poland as the location for part of your production process, you will be able to take advantage of many favourable conditions and opportunities provided by that. No matter what industry you work in, the experts at Niedziolka & Associates can help. Our logistics experience and cross-industry knowledge will help us improve your business in a safe and efficient way.

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