To open a business in Poland or work in this country, you need to have a bank account in a Polish bank. Opening a bank account is an important process for doing business in Poland, and you must resolve this issue yourself or with the help of Niedziolka & Associates, then you will be represented by our lawyers and commercial law experts.

Moreover, in order to open a commercial bank account both for a company incorporated in Poland and in other jurisdictions, not only European ones, it is necessary to fulfil all the requirements set by banks.

Niedziolka & Associates has many years of experience in opening business and corporate bank accounts for foreign businesses or Polish companies with a foreign management or ownership structure. Thanks to strong and long-term communication with all local and major Polish banks, our experts will help you overcome all the formalities associated with starting a company or opening a bank account for business or personal purposes in Poland.

Why Does Your Company Need a Polish Corporate or Business Bank Account?

Doing business in Poland requires opening a bank account in a Polish bank. This is necessary for many reasons, which the experts and attorneys at Niedziolka & Associates can tell you more about.

If your business is registered as a VAT payer in Poland, you can only apply for a VAT refund if you have a business bank account.


if your company provides services or conducts business in the domestic Polish market, you will need to be able to receive local payments, which makes having a corporate or business bank account in Poland mandatory. To find out which one to choose for your unique situation, contact our team at Niedziolka & Associates for details.

If your business receives government assistance or has a government-funded project, this requires official confirmation in the form of bank account transactions and bank statements.

To open a company account in Poland, you do not have to be the owner of a Polish company or a resident of Poland. You can be the owner of a foreign company or act on behalf of a foreign company. You are, however, required to take a number of steps to authenticate both your identity and the documents you submit. You can be the owner of a foreign company or act on behalf of a foreign company. You are, however, required to take a number of steps to authenticate both your identity and the documents you submit.

In this case, an excellent solution would be the professional support of qualified advisors from Niedziolka & Associates, which will allow you to find a safe and effective solution for your business. Thanks to direct communication with many Polish banks, this will allow us to find you the best conditions and rates, as well as correctly fill out all bank forms and prepare the necessary documents.

Niedziolka & Associates provides legal assistance on the basis of a formal special power of attorney, which allows our experts and attorneys to act on behalf of the investor, in particular for the purpose of opening a commercial or business bank account in Poland.

What Types of Bank Accounts Do We Help Open in Poland?

There is a large selection of banks in Poland where you can open a bank account in any convertible currency, including zloty. Entrepreneurs can choose any preferred option:

  • ENational Bank;
  • Ecooperative bank;
  • Eordinary (commercial) bank.

The advisors at Niedziółka & Associates, in each case, will allow you to choose an option to suit your needs.

What types of bank accounts you can open in Poland in 2023 with Niedziolka & Associates:
  • EBank business account. To do business in Poland, you must open an account in a Polish bank. Business bank accounts are opened by banks for various types of legal entities: limited liability companies, partnerships or individual entrepreneurs.
  • EA corporate bank account is opened by a bank for limited liability companies or public limited liability companies. Such types of accounts are subject to more requirements and their opening procedure involves more formalities.
  • EAn offshore bank account is operated by a bank that is located outside the jurisdiction where the company or account holder is located. The term can also be used to refer to a personal or business bank account held by a bank located in a tax haven country.
  • EA personal bank account is opened by a bank for an individual. An entrepreneur can have several personal bank accounts in several banks around the world in order to reduce financial risks and secure personal assets, as well as get the best interest rates on deposits.

Whether you want to open a bank account in Poland or are planning to start the company registration process from abroad, Niedziolka & Associates’ team of experts and attorneys can make your task easier.

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