Poland is an ideal choice for foreign investors and companies wishing to develop their business in all directions and export products to the West and the East. The economic stability and rapid development of this country, located in the heart of Europe, make it especially preferable for foreign investment.

Companies that choose to invest in Poland can count on comfortable business conditions and government support. Moreover, Poland is a popular tourist destination that is highly rated by foreign tourists due to its cultural heritage, natural conditions and the country’s hard-working, helpful and hospitable people.

Entrepreneurs who are striving to grow their business and invest in Poland will find a safe haven for their business here.  However, it is important to research the Polish market, investment opportunities and institutions supporting investors in Poland in advance. Investment experts of Niedziolka & Associates will provide you with all the necessary services that will allow you to successfully invest in Poland.

Citizenship by Investment Poland

Are you looking for a way to gain Polish citizenship? Poland offers a citizenship by investment program that allows foreign investors to obtain Polish citizenship in exchange for making a significant investment in the country.

Why Should You Choose Poland for Investment?

Poland is one of the most economically stable and fastest growing European countries. Its strong international position is confirmed by membership in such powerful international organizations as the European Union, World Trade Organization, UN, G20 and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Since 1997, Poland has also been a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Many foreign companies choose Poland as the target for investment for objective reasons:
  • Ereliable institutional system;
  • Estable political environment;
  • Estrong economic development and a diversified economy;
  • Estrong human capital and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU;
  • Estrategic location in the very centre of Europe makes the country an important transport hub;
  • Elarge domestic market (largest in Central and Eastern Europe) and entry into the EU single market, which provides access to 446 million consumers for your company;
  • Eis part of the Schengen area, which simplifies doing business for investors, employees and contractors, and facilitates cross-border trade;
  • Einvestment-friendly policies that include a system of incentives available to foreign investors.

Among other beneficial advantages important to be taken into account for investors and entrepreneurs who are considering investments and expansion of their business in Poland, it is important to mention the benefits that are subject to both Polish and European state aid legislation.

There are incentives for both the creation and operational stages of investments, including:

  • Eregional assistance to new investments in the form of tax exemption (PIT or CIT);
  • Egovernment grants and government subsidies provided for investments of great importance for the Polish economy;
  • Ecash grants from EU funds for innovative new investments, energy efficiency projects and renewable energy production;
  • Egovernment assistance and tax incentives for R&D;
  • Eexemption from real estate tax (RETAX) in some municipalities;
  • Eindustrial and technological parks.

Moreover, the whole of Poland is an economic zone, thanks to which companies investing anywhere in the country can count on income tax exemption. The decision to support investments is made after certain criteria are met. In Poland, there are 14 special economic zones (SEZs), which provide special conditions for investors (exemption of up to 50% from corporate or property tax) if the investment project is located in an approved activity sector.

Investment experts of Niedziolka & Associates help foreign companies and entrepreneurs solve many issues and problems related to investing in Poland. If you are interested in expanding your business, we will be happy to facilitate your promotion to the Polish and European markets, as well as support you in any other issues that may arise when doing business in Poland.

What Forms of Investment Exist in Poland?

There are various opportunities for foreign investors to enter the Polish market. Investment experts of Niedziolka & Associates provide comprehensive support and legal assistance to clients in the investment process in any form:

1. FDI – foreign direct investment in Poland.

This can be done through the acquisition of an existing enterprise, which can be merged, or through the creation of a subsidiary. If the object of investment is real estate (investment in real estate in Poland), then this can be done directly or through the establishment of a holding company (SPV).

In the case of establishing your own enterprise in Poland, support occurs at all stages — establishment and incorporation of a company, solving all organizational formalities, searching for locations for offices, warehouses, and production facilities.

In the case of searching for a suitable company to purchase in Poland, support occurs at all stages of the acquisition process: before (search and negotiations with the candidate), during (conclusion of the transaction) and after (restructuring and integration).

2. FPI – foreign portfolio investment in Poland.

When organizing portfolio investments in Poland, Niedziolka & Associates provides support to clients at all stages. Among other things, we are talking about providing the client with a list of potential investment objects with analysis to determine whether they correspond to your current strategy and investment criteria. Moreover, our investment experts can assist you in selecting the appropriate stockbroker and represent you at all meetings and shareholder meetings.

If you are interested in investing in Poland and want to know more about our services to support foreign investment in Poland, the experts of Niedziolka & Associates will advise you on any issue. We offer comprehensive business consulting services in Poland and support for ongoing business services. You can find more information on this on our website.

Which Sectors in Poland Are Open for Investment?

Investors and entrepreneurs don’t find it hard to solve the issue where to invest in Poland, since almost all sectors of the Polish market are open for business and offer attractive investment opportunities. For example, you can choose the day of investment in the service sector, manufacturing, food processing and agriculture, high-tech and specialized industries.

It is important to consider that some areas have special safety and quality requirements, such as periodic safety monitoring of food production and processing. While other areas require the obtaining of appropriate licences, for example, mining, trade in minerals and fuels, or public transport.

The public sector also provides investment opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. All public procurement above a certain threshold must be organized through open tenders, allowing companies from across the EU to bid on the same terms as Polish companies, whether for the supply of goods or services. Moreover, investors can engage in various forms of public-private partnerships to provide public services (e. g., waste collection, energy supply, parks and recreation services), which often provide attractive investment opportunities.

The direct investment sector is promising for investors, since in Poland there are many well-known local brands, food or cosmetics manufacturers, whose products are in demand among consumers and will bring profit to a potential investor.

If you are interested in investing in any sector, Niedziolka & Associates experts will contact you to provide detailed information. We provide comprehensive and effective support to foreign companies that wish to invest in Poland and seek to develop their business on the Polish and European markets.

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