Foreigners Establishing Businesses in Poland

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Business | 0 comments

Over a million. That’s how many foreigners officially work in Poland. Approximately 30,000 have set up their own businesses here. The average age of individuals deciding to start their own businesses is decreasing. One in three entrepreneurs is Ukrainian. Why do they choose Poland? What does Poland offer to entrepreneurial foreigners? And finally, does running a business in Poland bode well for a company’s growth?

Running a business in Poland offers many possibilities. Poland’s location in the heart of Europe and its membership in the European Union are highly significant, allowing access to the European market. Macroeconomic factors, the tax and financial system, and their stability are also essential. Moreover, those establishing businesses can expect numerous incentives in the initial phase of their business operations. As long as they choose a potentially developing sector, later changes in social and health contribution rates, among other things, will not disrupt the continuity of operations. However, it is advisable to monitor changes in the legal and tax environment while running a business in order to choose optimal solutions for one’s enterprise. Such support is also provided by specialists from Niedziółka & Associates, and it is worth taking advantage of it to optimize operations and profit potential.

A company in Poland can take various forms. Currently, the following types of economic activity should be mentioned:

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Civil partnership
  3. Limited liability company
  4. Joint-stock company
  5. General partnership
  6. Limited partnership
  7. Limited joint-stock partnership

Citizens of EU member states and the European Economic Area can conduct economic activity in Poland on the same terms as Polish citizens. Citizens of the United States of America and Switzerland also have this possibility, regulated by international agreements. Individuals from outside the EU and the mentioned countries can establish a sole proprietorship in Poland if they meet certain conditions.

According to data from the Central Statistical Office (GUS), foreigners in Poland most often establish sole proprietorships. Limited liability companies are the second choice for entrepreneurs. As seen in the above listing, there are certainly more options, and it is worthwhile to choose the best solution or seek support from specialists in the legal, financial, and business fields. When considering relocating one’s company to Poland, it’s also essential to pay attention to cultural context. This analysis will help determine whether a given business can operate efficiently in Poland.