A Guide to Company Formation in Poland (2024 Edition)

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Poland’s bustling economy and strategic location within the EU make it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to expand or launch their businesses. But navigating the company formation process can be daunting, especially with unfamiliar regulations and procedures. Worry not, intrepid entrepreneur! This blog serves as your guide to establishing your company in Poland, from choosing the right structure to getting registered and operational.

Following up on the previous blog overview, here’s a more detailed step-by-step process for forming your company in Poland:

Step 1: Choose Your Business Structure

1.1. Analyze your needs: Consider factors like liability protection, ownership structure, funding requirements, and future growth plans.

1.2. Research options: Sp. z o.o. (LLC) is popular for SMEs, S.A. (Joint Stock) for larger ventures, and Sole Proprietorship for solo individuals. Each has its pros and cons regarding liability, regulations, and capital requirements.

Step 2: Gather Required Documents

2.1. Company Name:

* Check availability via the National Court Register (KRS) website (https://ems.ms.gov.pl/).

* Ensure it complies with naming regulations (no misleading or offensive terms).

2.2. Articles of Association:

* Consult a notary public to draft these legal documents outlining your company’s structure, objectives, governance, and capital.

* Include details like registered office address, share capital allocation, management roles, and profit distribution rules.

2.3. Shareholder/Founder Details:

* Prepare copies of identification documents (passport or ID card) and proof of address for all shareholders and founders.

* Specify capital contributions from each individual.

2.4. Registered Office Address:

* Secure a physical address within Poland to serve as your company’s official location.

* Obtain written consent from the owner if using residential space.

Step 3: Registration Process

3.1. Deposit Share Capital:

* Open a corporate bank account in Poland.

* Deposit the minimum required capital based on your chosen structure (PLN 5,000 for Sp. z o.o., PLN 100,000 for S.A.).

* Obtain a bank certificate confirming the deposit.

3.2. Notary Public Visit:

* Schedule an appointment with a notary public.

* Sign the Articles of Association in their presence.

* Obtain certified copies of all documents notarized.

3.3. National Court Register (KRS) Registration:

* Submit application electronically via the S24 system (https://ems.ms.gov.pl/) or through a designated representative.

* Pay registration fees.

* KRS will review and publish your company details if approved.

3.4. Tax Identification Number (NIP):

* Register with the tax office online or in person.

* Obtain a unique tax identification number (NIP) for your company.

3.5. Additional Registrations:

* Depending on your industry, register for social security contributions (ZUS) and obtain necessary permits (e.g., food safety, construction).

Step 4: Post-Registration Steps

  • Open a business bank account.
  • Apply for any required licenses or permits.
  • Set up bookkeeping and accounting systems.
  • Register with the Central Statistical Office (GUS) for statistical purposes.
  • Comply with ongoing reporting and tax obligations.
Additional Resources:

  • Biznes.gov.pl: Government portal for business information and procedures (https://www.biznes.gov.pl/en)
  • Polish Ministry of Justice: Information on company registration
  • National Court Register (KRS): Website for company registry (https://ems.ms.gov.pl/)

Remember: This guide provides general information. Specific requirements and procedures might vary depending on your chosen structure and business activities. For personalized advice, consult with a lawyer, accountant, or business advisor specializing in Polish company formation.

I hope this detailed breakdown helps you navigate the company formation process in Poland!