Commercial Representation

In the course of business, it may be necessary to delegate certain business and commercial tasks to an expert whose powers should be similar to those of a person holding a senior position in the company.

Expert Commercial Representation in Poland – Niedziolka & Associates

Niedziolka & Associates provides commercial representation for foreign companies and individual entrepreneurs in Poland.

For our team of lawyers and experts, commercial representation is one of the key activities, and its extensive capabilities can be tailored to the leading needs of your business.

We have repeatedly represented foreign and national companies on the Polish market. Lawyers and commercial experts at Niedziolka & Associates provide official representation in various areas, including judicial and extrajudicial actions related to business.

What Scope of Powers does a Commercial Representation Covers?

Foreign companies interested in expanding their business in Poland can contact us, and the Niedziolka & Associates team will provide their official representation on the Polish market.

This service covers such areas of commercial activity as distribution, agency and representation, as well as relations with importers and exporters. Niedziolka & Associates’ highly qualified, experienced lawyers and business representatives are experts in corporate law and have many years of experience in the commercial representation of companies in Poland.

Clients from abroad who plan to import or export to Poland, or expand a foreign franchise to Poland, will avoid many difficulties in their business activities thanks to the commercial proxy service.

On behalf of your company, the Niedziolka & Associates team:

    • EWill ensure the creation of a distribution network and your brand development in Poland;
    • EWill select the best products that meet the export requirements to your country from Poland;
    • EWill find customers ready to purchase your products;
    • EWill provide legal support for all business contracts: from drawing up and checking all aspects to signing the documents;
    • EWill prepare technical and economic support for your products before entering the Polish market;
    • EWill provide official representation and protect your interests at business meetings and negotiations;
    • EWill organize logistics and insurance during local and international carriage;
    • EWill organize any business events, including to support your company's marketing and PR campaigns;
    • EWill provide translation of all documentation from/to your language from/into Polish.
    Commercial Proxy

    Appointing a commercial proxy is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs interested in having trusted persons deal with the majority of business issues, who can quickly and professionally resolve all business-related legal and non-legal tasks. By contacting Niedziolka & Associates, you will effectively solve your business problems with the help of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience and knowledge of international and national legislation.

    How is Commercial Representation Implemented in the field of Investment and Subsidiary Supervision?

    For companies that operate or plan to develop in Poland, Niedziolka & Associates can offer a full range of services in the field of investment and supervision.

    On behalf of your company, the Niedziolka & Associates team:

    • EWill audit an existing subsidiary or assist in the establishment of a new one;
    • EWill represent you in all matters relating to investments and activities of the subsidiary;
    • EWill monitor all processes in the field of investment and promptly take action on your behalf in the event of force majeure;
    • EWill provide legal support for all tax and legal procedures;
    • EWill employ qualified and experienced management or operational personnel;
    • EWill represent you in the subsidiary's supervisory board and will take care of the arrangement of all related events, i. e. organization and support of shareholders' meetings, implementation of decisions on your instructions, etc.

    Official commercial representation is our specialization and involves a wide range of related offers. Highly qualified Niedziolka & Associates will help a foreign company or entrepreneur on any issues related to doing business in Poland and we will definitely help you if you send us a request through the contact form.

    Malgorzata Maria Niedziolka

    CEO and founder of Niedziolka & Associates

    Expert in the field of cooperate, commercial and immigration law, private equity and venture capital investments, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate in Poland.

    Many years of experience in reputable law and consulting firms in Poland and abroad, as well as work in the public administration system in Poland, allow her to confidently and effectively navigate the over-regulated local legal system, providing high-quality legal services to a wide range of people, including foreign investors and international corporations.



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